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Club Member Contributions: Pictures and Writeups



This page contains Club Member contributions: Write-ups and Photo Albums submitted by members.

The contributions made to the web site, can be viewed by anyone on the internet by selecting the photo album and/or write-ups to review from the pulldown menus below:

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If you take pictures at an event that you want to share, or want to submit a writeup for publication on this page please email them to the making sure to put specify "NISDSubmission" on the subject line. Do NOT attempt to submit data via a text message, as most text message systems greatly reduce the resolution of the image. It should be pointed out that depending upon the e-mail system you are using, you may be limited to the size of the enclosures. It is suggested you limit enclosures to a total of 10MB per email (usually 3 or 4 photos per email).

Some email "client" programs actually offer you the option of "reducing" the size of the image before sending it; For those who are given that option, it is suggested you select the "Large" image as opposed to the "Full Size" image.

If you want to share a video, or a large number of photos which would require a lot of emails, contact the webmaster for instructions on how to FTP the files to the club webserver.

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