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San Diego Alpine Leauge

North Island Snowdrifters, is enrolled in the Southern California organization that supports racing between (local) ski clubs called the San Diego Alpine League; This entitles our members to participate in races organized in Southern California as well as out of state races run by the Far West Racing Association (the parent organization).

The North Island Snowdrifters club no longer subsidizes (pay race fees) for those of its members wishing to race (at one point in time, the club did subsidize member's racing fees). The club also no longer schedules trips around when inter-club races are scheduled.. All North Island Snowdrifters who are interested in racing should look at the Rokka Racing website, where all racing in Southern California is coordinated. Here is where one will find the race schedule (on their calendar page), as well as all the forms one will need to fill out and send in, to participate in races that are scheduled.

Far West Racing Association


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